For the love of nude lipsticks

Alright, so let me be honest, I had never imagined that my very first post on this blog named ‘Design Nosh’ would be about makeup since I don’t exactly consider myself a makeup junkie, but certain something coaxed me into writing about the wonders of nude lipsticks. And what exactly is that thing? Well, it  isn’t actually a thing but more like a scene! The scene of Delhi. You go out and see lovely girls in all kinds of bright statement lips; a pink pout can never be missed in the clubs or the streets of this city! To be frank I don’t hate bright colours or even pink for that matter, but I feel that Indian girls have overdone the bright lip thingy. It would be an incredible relief to see more Indian women go the nude lips way, don’t you think? And why not! Here are a few reasons why you should embrace nude lips:

1. The world has accepted nude lips as the new classic. Don’t believe me? The British high street department store Debenhams has reported that for the first time in 3 years nude lipsticks have officially overtaken red lipsticks in terms of sales! This clearly means that nude lips are very much in vogue!

2. Nude lips look great with every and any outfit! Would it not be difficult to sport a red lip with a green dress (without looking like a Christmas tree)? And you can’t always wear an orange lip, can you? That’s why you can bet on nude lips! They look perfect with any colour or any style!

3. Nude lips look incredibly sexy! Men can never decide if they love makeup on women or hate it but we all know that they prefer that women keep it minimal. Either rock a red lip and keep the rest of your makeup and outfit simple, or wear a sultry nude lip and keep them begging for more!

4. Love her or despise her, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian West is a fashion icon for the generation of today. In fact her makeup looks are one of the most requested for on YouTube! Mrs. West has undergone a massive makeover and her makeup, that often features a sultry nude lip, is not to be missed! She may not be the best role model but her nude lips are definitely on point!

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons to sport nude lips, let’s move on to the how to part! Indian skin tones range from very fair to dusky to dark, hence what works for your caramel skin-toned friend might not work for you. This means that you have to be very careful when selecting your perfect nude lipstick shade. Here are some rules to keep in mind while you go shopping for that perfect nude lippy the next time:

1. Don’t go for a shade that matches exactly with the colour of your facial skin as you don’t want your lips to blend in with your skin or you might end up looking like you have no lips at all! Look for a colour that is warmer; you want more pigment in your lips so that there is a clear distinction between the skin and the lips.

Golden Globes 2014: The best beauty looks

2. Don’t go for a shade that is too pale. The colour of your lippy should closely match with the real colour of your lips, but in no way should it be lighter as it will make you look washed out rather than sultry!

chitrangada singh

Here’s hoping we get to see more Indian women sporting understated yet very glam nude lips. Are you ready to hop on the nude lip bandwagon?


12 thoughts on “For the love of nude lipsticks

    1. swatikishore757 Post author

      Hi, i have one that i use quite frequently and love. It’s by Maybelline Colour Sensational ‘Crazy for Coffee’. Where are you from? I am Indian, and my skin tone is medium. I’m not sure it will be available where you are. My lips are pigmented too.


      1. thatone11

        I’m indian (from kerala) but I live in England. My skin tone is quite dark and my lips are dark pink (somewhat, it’s hard to describe). Thanks for replying, and I’ll have a look when I’m shopping x


      2. thatone11

        I didn’t get the Colour Sensational lipstick, but the lip gloss, in the colour you recommended. It’s brilliant for me! I wear it nearly everyday now, and it’s just flawless. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂


    1. swatikishore757 Post author

      That’s me most of the times too, but after hours of researching on the internet, ordering and then trying, i have learnt a thing or two about nude lipsticks. Thanks for the view 🙂



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